Regensburg (Germany)

  • © photo Hajo Dietz

    © photo Hajo Dietz

  • © photo de Peter Ferstl

    © photo de Peter Ferstl

  • Signature of the twinning agreement: May 12th 1969
  • Population: 150,000 inhabitants
  • Geographical situation: Land of Bavaria, South-East Germany


Regensburg is one of the most beautiful city of Germany, thanks to several historical buildings, the German “medieval miracle”.

The main economic activities are based on automobile industry ( BMW, Siemens, VDO Automotive AG, electric and electronics industry, Information technologies and biotechnologies. The river port of Regensburg, has an area of 136 hectares, and is the biggest of Bavaria.

23,000 students create an animated atmosphere in the city. The city counts numerous places to visit : museum, bars, cafés, theatres, cinemas etc. The privileged period to enjoy the festal and international atmosphere is the Bürgerfest which is held every year in June.

For people of Clermont-Ferrand, Regensburg has become a well-known name, as the symbol of franco-german friendship. Numerous university, cultural and sport exchanges are developed between the two cities and touch thousands of adults, students, young people….

The relations built touch not only universities , in the framework of a double degree, but also musicians, painters, sportsperson and cultural and social services of universities. Heiner Riepl, Hartmut von Altrock, Thomas Péchadre, Lashlo Zoller, Pierre Courthiade, have contributed during these past years to make artistic life between our two cities more diverse.

Nowadays, the two cities have developed a cooperation between their Poles of Excellence : Biotechnologies, (between the Biopole and Biopark), Renewable energies, (Sponsorship of Energy Agentur), information Technology (IT-Speicher and the Cluster Auvergne TIC). The Pole of International Relations facilitated the implementation of cooperation with several local economic actors. These companies also welcome interns every year.