Oviedo (Spain)

  • Signature of the twinning agreement: October 14th 1988
  • Population: 214, 883 inhabitants
  • Geographical situation: North West of Spain, Regional capital of Asturias


Regional Capital in Asturias, Oviedo Melts culture and nature to offer a unique senario. In this university city, history and modernity cohabits, culture and especially music ( opera, zarzuella, concerts and dancing...) are assets of the daily life.

The city hosts twelve monuments, some of them are classified as UNESCO Patrimony. Around the old city, industries, a center of Asturain Studies, museums and an opera give to the City of Oviedo the opportunity to play its rôle of regional capital.

Relations between Clermont-Ferrand and Oviedo are based on the education cooperation. The Pole of International Relations and the Education Academy of Clermont-Ferrand are working hand in hand in order to accompany all levels of education by establishing educational exchanges and supporting youth mobilty. Two high Schools of Clermont-Ferrand are undertaking lingusitic internships wtih Oviedo High Schools.

Conventions are implemented in order to enable students to undertake an internship in a company in Oviedo. In this way, students of the secretary section of Amedée Gasquet High School are undertaking internships in a company of our twin city.

In the same goal, and in the aim of promoting Clermont-ferrand higher education, the M.I.R organized “Clermont-ferrand Days in Oviedo”. ISIMA (Computer Engineering School) and the Spanish Computer School have implemented an ERASMUS Program including internships in companies. Clermont-Ferrand French Business School has signed a “Double Degree”convention between its Master in management and the MBA economic Science of Oviedo.

Sport, Youth Mobility and culture are priority fields of exchange between the two cities. In this way, the Oviedo team participates in Basket ball International Championships in Clermont-ferrand and concert exchanges between university chorals and exhitions are regularly implemented.